Infosys terminated 600 freshers after they failed in an Internal Assignment.

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After failing an internal exam, Infosys dismissed 600 recently hired freshers. This is happening at a time when hundreds of recruits at Infosys are still waiting for their onboarding after getting offer letters months ago.
After failing the company’s internal fresher assessment (FA) test, Infosys dismissed 600 new employees. According to the terminated employees, the bulk of those fired was employed after July 2022.
They said that out of 150 freshers hired in July 2022, around 85 were sacked after failing the exam.

This occurred at a time when hundreds of young grads, despite obtaining offer letters months ago, are awaiting their onboarding in Infosys. The business, according to reports, has not supplied any information on the onboarding timeline.

Speaking to the media, an Infosys representative said that internal evaluations were always followed by terminations. A fresher hired in August 2022 informed the press that he received SAP ABAP training when he joined the business last August. He said that just 60 of his 150 employees who took the FA exam passed and that the remaining 120 were fired two weeks ago.

According to the article, 600 Infosys employees were laid off with 280 fired last month and 150 fired in the February 2023 first week after failing the exam. This follows a similar action by Wipro, which laid off 452 employees for poor performance, however media accounts indicate that almost 800 freshers were terminated.

Individuals who were laid off believe that they were not dismissed due to the internal exam. Still, a corporate official indicated that employees who did not pass the newer evaluation were always fired. Meanwhile, hundreds of freshers who have been waiting for onboarding for the previous eight months are now facing a year without any pay.

If the situation prolongs Infosys might soon join the firing list of tech giants like Google, Amazon, Twitter and Meta.