Beware Of Fake ORS: How To Identify And Avoid It

Beware Of Fake ORS How To Identify And Avoid It

Copies of many branded items are now available in the market. This includes everything from clothes to bottled drinks and everyday items. Even medicines are sometimes fake. Yes, there are a lot of fake products available nowadays, making it very difficult to identify them. People, unaware, buy and consume these products. Adulteration in some of these foods can be life-threatening. ORS powder is in high demand during the summer. Now, it has come to light that similar fake powder is being made and sold. Today, let’s take a look at how to identify fake ORS.

Why is it advised to drink ORS mixed with water?

In conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, and fainting, doctors recommend mixing ORS in water and drinking it. It helps to maintain the balance of electrolytes and fluids in the body. Drinking fake ORS powder instead of the real one can do more harm than good. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Serious problems caused by fake ORS include:

Reports suggest that fake ORS has a high sugar content. If you suffer from diarrhea, consuming such ORS can worsen your condition and lead to dehydration. Additionally, the sodium content in fake ORS is minimal, which disrupts the electrolyte balance in the body and can cause brain swelling. Moreover, you may face many other complications.

How to recognize fake ORS?

Fake ORS packets may display FSSAI certification within the food product category itself. In contrast, genuine ORS powder packets will have the WHO formula written on them. True ORS falls under the category of medicines and is formulated under strict guidelines to ensure quality.

When buying ORS, be sure to check the instructions on the packaging, the ingredients used, and the regulatory symbols. Genuine ORS products have distinct labels indicating quality.