“Guttu Chappudu” Movie Calender Launch in Lucky2 Office.

Guttu Chappudu - todaypassion

The Guttu Chappudu movie calendar, which stars actor Bramaji’s son, is produced by RMP Dr. Maulali of Mandlem village, Nandikotkur Constituency, Kurnool District, was launched at Lucky 2’s office by prominent TDP politicians P.G. Rampullaiah Yadav KDSBCU Former Chairman and  Andhra Pradesh State Youth General Secretary Telugu Desam Party (TDP) P.G. Gopinath Yadav.

Sanjay Rao, Director Manindran, Senior Artist Brahmaji, Balaraju Pulusu, and Suresh Kondeti as the main crew in the film Guttu Chappudu.
Guttu Chappudu Movie First Look Launch, starring famous actor Brahmaji’s son Sanjeev Rao, was just released.