Twitter Lays Off Employees Who Introduced The Idea Of Blue Paid Subscription

Twitter Lays Off Employees Who Introduced The Idea Of Blue Paid Subscription - todaypassion

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last year was followed by a devastating aftermath for the multibillionaire company’s employees, with half of its workforce put off. Musk has been actively pressing for cost cuts, and since his arrival, there has been complete turmoil and terror among Twitter staff globally. He had built a team of dependable personnel to handle the day-to-day operations of Twitter following the layoffs last year. Nevertheless, in a new wave of layoffs, Musk dismissed the guy in command of the team. Twitter has let go of product manager Esther Crawford.

Interestingly, Esther provided Elon Musk with the concept for Twitter’s blue subscription policy, which made the company a lot of money. Esther was in charge of several initiatives, including the company’s Blue and Next payment platforms and Verification Subscriptions. Esther’s photo of herself sleeping on the office floor went viral last year.

She shared the photo to demonstrate how she and her colleagues worked around the clock and sometimes had to sleep where they worked.

It is unclear why the firm would remove a known effective employee running the new Twitter Blue product and making the microblogging site a lot of money. Esther replied to her sudden firing by tweeting that her hard work and optimism were a mistake, but she was proud of her staff for persevering despite the upheaval.

Over the weekend, Twitter lay off around 50 people worldwide. Some got termination emails late Saturday night, while others tweeted that they learned of their dismissal after being unable to access the company’s internal system. Several Twitter workers also lost access to Slack, the company’s internal communication tool, and feared having been sacked. Still, it was subsequently found that Musk had not paid Slack its fee and thus it was cut off.