The Kerala Story: Ada hugs elephants before the film release, fans say ‘full support’

The Kerala Story Ada hugs elephants before film release

Adah Sharma having fun with elephants ahead of the release of her film ‘The Kerala Story’. In the Instagram comment section, users are talking about full support for the film.

Actress Adah Sharma is constantly in the headlines these days. His film ‘The Kerala Story’ is going to be released on the big screen this Friday. Adah Sharma is playing the role of a Malayalam girl in the film, who is made a victim of love jihad. This film strongly attacks religious conversion and the terrorist organization ISIS.

A day before the film’s release, Adah Sharma was seen having fun with elephants. The elephant love of the actress is not hidden from anyone. Adah is originally from Kerala, and let us tell you that the elephant also has the status of Kerala’s state animal.

Adah Sharma has shared a post on Instagram about having fun with elephants. ‘The Kerala Story’ actress Adah is seen hugging elephants. Adah is looking very beautiful in a white and yellow saree. The smile on her face is enhancing her beauty even more.

Adah has also written a few lines in the caption. She writes, “Thank you, the big-hearted ones, from us small people of the big forests. To make our small hopes big. Adah also wrote that her film is releasing in theaters tomorrow (May 5).