Microsoft employees slam CEO Satya Nadella for increasing profits by reducing employee salaries

Microsoft employees slam CEO Satya Nadella for increasing profits by reducing employee salaries

Despite Microsoft’s strong financial performance, the satisfaction of its employees has significantly declined over the past year. Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, the company has terminated approximately 10,000 employees and implemented a pay raise freeze. Despite these challenges, Microsoft’s value remains an astonishing $2.5 trillion, and its stock is on the verge of reaching a historic peak.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took to the company’s internal message boards to express his gratitude and admiration for the employees’ hard work. In his message, he commended their innovative and creative contributions that have made the year truly remarkable, not only for Microsoft but also for its customers, partners, and communities worldwide. Nadella encouraged everyone to stay connected to the company’s mission and culture, expressing optimism for the future.

According to Business Insider, approximately 200,000 individuals had the opportunity to read Nadella’s message, and the majority responded positively by upvoting it. Around 130 people wrote replies, with about half of them expressing positive sentiments. However, Insider revealed that some employees reacted negatively to Nadella’s note of appreciation, as indicated in internal posts.

One particular message from an employee garnered over 250 upvotes, suggesting that expressing gratitude should be accompanied by unfreezing pay raises. The employee also criticized senior leaders who were responsible for salary decisions, highlighting their significant wealth.

A different message, receiving over 100 upvotes, highlighted the discontent among employees facing pay cuts while the company and its leadership were enjoying record profits. The employee and others considered this situation to be unfair. “It’s not right, there’s no other way to interpret it when employees experience pay cuts while our company and its leadership make record profits,” the message stated.

Another employee expressed dissatisfaction with the long hours worked, stagnant wages, and increasing healthcare costs, questioning the source of the record profits. They conveyed a sense of not feeling privileged despite their dedication to the company. “I can’t help but wonder where these record profits are coming from. Personally, I don’t feel privileged at all for working here,” the employee commented.

The discontent expressed by employees in response to a customary year-end thank-you note indicates low morale within Microsoft. A recent internal poll revealed that a significant number of Microsoft employees would consider leaving if offered a similar job elsewhere. Microsoft declined to provide a comment on the matter.