Infosys’ first AI service Topaz launched, company’s focus on increasing business value

Infosys' first AI service Topaz launched, company's focus on increasing business value

On Tuesday, Infosys, the second largest IT services company in India, introduced Topaz, a new platform built on artificial intelligence technologies. Topaz utilizes Infosys’ AI framework to establish a core that prioritizes AI capabilities, enabling individuals to provide cognitive solutions effectively.

On Tuesday, Infosys, a prominent IT company, unveiled Infosys Topaaz, its latest product. This innovative offering combines data analytics, artificial intelligence, and generative AI, highlighting the increasing significance of this swiftly developing technology. According to the company’s statement, Infosys utilized its AI infrastructure to create an AI-first core for Topaaz, which holds the potential for over 12,000 use cases.

How it works

According to Infosys’ statement, the launch of Infosys Topaz aims to democratize data and intelligence, extending their value to a broader range of participants within the interconnected ecosystem. This empowers them to develop business models, AI-driven products, services, and new revenue streams. Through its AI initiatives, Infosys strives to enhance efficiency throughout the industry by leveraging intelligent tools, platforms, and autonomous software engineering for various business activities.

Additionally, Infosys Topaz fosters organization-wide synergies by reimagining user personas, data architecture, and engineering blueprints, envisioning a future-oriented approach. The platform also facilitates the development of self-supervisory capabilities within enterprises.

AI-Power Business

As per the company’s statement, Topaz harnesses the capabilities of Infosys’ cobalt cloud and data analytics to transform businesses into AI-driven entities. The company provided an example of a food and beverage chain that utilized Infosys Topaz to autonomously integrate disparate data signals from new partners. This integration resulted in delivering an enhanced off-store consumer experience with an impressive accuracy rate of over 95 percent.

Helping to increase people’s capacity

According to Infosys CEO Salil Parekh, Topaz is crucial in expanding the capabilities of both Infosys employees and their customers. There is significant customer interest in programs that improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring future growth for businesses.

Parekh further emphasized that Infosys has experienced significant advantages in its own business operations through the implementation of Topaz. The platform has effectively harnessed the potential of generative AI platforms and data solutions, resulting in tangible benefits for the company.