Grammarly to soon roll out ChatGPT like AI powered writing assistant called GrammarlyGo

Grammarly to soon roll out ChatGPT like AI powered writing assistant called GrammarlyGo - todaypassion

Grammarly is a popular writing helper that can correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and even identify plagiarism. The tool allows you to establish the tone, improve participation, and employ context-specific terminology.

GrammarlyGo, a new “contextually aware assistant powered by generative AI,” was unveiled in a recent blog post by the business. The new AI-powered assistant, like ChatGPT, can write from scratch or help modify the current language, whether you’re sending an email or working on a project.

What can GrammarlyGo do?

According to Grammarly, users may use generative AI to revise current material for tone, length, and clarity, or to input a prompt and produce new content. It will be able to generate material from prompts and even assist you in responding by quickly comprehending the email context, similar to ChatGPT.

According to the firm, GrammarlyGo will provide a personalized experience by identifying your writing style and allowing users to specify their preferred voice and professional positions. The AI assistant can also help users produce text from current workflows, saving time spent on edits and allowing them to focus on more essential tasks.

Where and when can I use GrammarlyGo?

GrammarlyGo will be accessible for Windows and Mac, as well as Grammarly for Chrome and the Grammarly Editor, and will work with services such as Gmail, Google Documents, LinkedIn, Microsoft Word, and Medium.

GrammarlyGo will be available to all Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly for Education, and Grammarly Free clients in April. It will first be available to residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Australia, with a larger deployment likely in the near future. There is no information on when it will be available in India.