Google Layoffs Python Team


In recent weeks, Google has started a series of job cuts aimed at cutting costs, with the latest reductions impacting its entire Python team. This action is part of a plan to hire cheaper labor outside the United States, as reported by the Free Press Journal on April 28th. According to the report, Google intends to form a new team in Munich, Germany, where labor expenses are lower.

The affected team had a focus on Python, a versatile programming language. A post on on Mastodon, referenced by Hacker News, contained remarks from a former member of the Google Python team expressing disappointment with the job cuts. They described their twenty-year tenure at Google as the best job they ever had. Another employee lamented the pain of seeing their entire team, including the manager, being replaced with remote workers from abroad. This aspect underscores the personal toll of capitalist downsizing and disillusionment with the American dream, as highlighted in the report.

The Python team based in the US, comprising fewer than 10 members, played a crucial role in managing various aspects of Google’s Python ecosystem. They were responsible for maintaining Python’s stability within Google, keeping it updated with thousands of third-party packages, and developing a type-checker, as per the report.

Furthermore, Business Insider reported that Google has laid off employees from its real estate and finance departments. Ruth Porat, Google’s finance chief, informed employees via email that the restructuring includes expanding operations in Bangalore, Mexico City, and Dublin.

In January, the tech giant implemented layoffs affecting hundreds of positions across different teams, including engineering and hardware. This move aligns with Google’s focus on intensifying investments and advancements in artificial intelligence technologies.