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Geology totally deals with earth its history and origin, it tells about information about formation of rivers seas mountains

Geology classified about 2 types

  • Main branches
  • Allied branches

In main branches it will be further divided into sub groups, So let’s study about main branch sub-branches

  • Physical geology: it tells about earth elements and their changes
  • Mineralogy : mainly it tells about importance of minerals , it’s physical properties and uses
  • petrology : it deals study of rocks and their formation occurance and their utility
    It tells about history of earth crust elements
  • Structural geology: rocks in the earth crust it undergo some disturbances under influence of different forces the result will be occured in structural geology
  • Economic Geology: it tells about econamic minerals their formations availability

ALLIED BRANCHES:it is also further classified into sub branches

  • ENGINEERING GEOLOGY: it deals with different elements practically related to civil engineering
  • MINING GEOLOGY: mining geology is main important in the mines ex coal mines a mining engineer he gives the knowledge about mining
  • GEO PHYSICS: it tells about study of physical properties of earth elements
  • GEO HYDROLOGY: we know hydro means water it naturally deals with ground water
  • GEO CHEMISTRY: It deals with elements in earth crust
  • In geology there are many topics bit now we will discuss about how river is formed

River is a Geological Agent


Main origin of a river is precipitation ( rain fall), As general river is formed from mountains
The annual rainfall is 30,000 to 35,000 cubic miles, Rain water saome amount will flows on surface ( river) and some amount water will be in filtrate, Nearly 9,000 cubic miles of water will be flows into seas due to run off. Run off means after rainfall water flow on surface.

River formation is divided into 4 types

  • INITIAL STAGE : river flows high mountains in the first intial stage it will from top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain in this stage makes river to cause erosion
  • YOUTH STAGE: In this stage river reaches to the foot of of the mountain speed of the water will be very high it causes erosion , transportation and less deposition
  • MATURE STAGE: river water flow is slow in this stage discharge is high transportation and erosio n will be less in this
  • OLD STAGE: this is the last stage of river development and river finally reached its destination in this stage there’s no transportation and total deposition will takes place in this place river water will enter into the sea so that point is called delta