Amazon lay off 9,000 more workers

Amazon lay off 9,000 more workers - todaypassion

Amazon said on Monday that it will lay off 9,000 additional employees in the next weeks, mostly in AWS, advertising, and Twitch. While major layoffs at leading IT businesses continue worldwide, the global e-commerce giant has already cut off roughly 18,000 staff.

According to the message, the second phase of the company’s yearly planning process was finished this month, which resulted in extra job layoffs. He stated that Amazon will continue to employ in some important sectors.

“Some may wonder why we did not disclose these position reductions with those revealed a few months ago. The simple explanation is that not all of the teams completed their studies by late fall; and rather than hurry through these evaluations without due care, we preferred to disclose these choices as they were made so individuals have the information as soon as possible,” Jassy explained.

The announcement comes just days after Facebook-parent Meta Platforms said it would lose 10,000 positions this year, following the first big layoff in the autumn, which resulted in almost 11,000 jobs.