Zuckerberg Meta Enters the AI Chatbot Competition With ‘LLaMA,’ a Large Language Model

Zuckerberg's Meta Enters the AI Chatbot

While ChatGPT continues to dominate the world of technology, meta (Facebook’s parent company) has developed LLaMa, a research tool that will compete with Google’s LaMDA – a family of neural language models.

Language models “have shown a lot of potential in creating text, holding conversations, summarizing written information, and more sophisticated jobs like solving arithmetic theorems or predicting protein structures,” wrote Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post on Friday.

Meta joins AI chatbot race

At the time being, LLaMA is not used across meta services such as Facebook and Instagram. The technology, according to Zuckerberg, will be made available to academics. “Meta is dedicated to this open style of research,” Zuckerberg stated.

Mark Zuckerbery - todaypassion
Mark Zuckerbery – todaypassion

Do you know what massive language models are? Such AI systems learn and assimilate information from enormous amounts of text available on the internet, resulting in wiser and crisper replies. Like with any AI algorithms, the more data such language models are fed, the better they perform.

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, a Microsoft-backed firm. Microsoft recently announced that the text tool will be included into its Edge browser and Bing search.Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, also has its own language model called LaMDA, on which it has constructed a ChatGPT-like tool called Bard. Meta had already dabbled with huge language models with OPT-175B and the contentious Galactica, which was abruptly withdrawn.