Wipro furthers AI cause, appoints former Deloitte exec Brijesh Singh as Global AI Head

Wipro furthers AI cause, appoints former Deloitte exec Brijesh Singh as Global AI Head

In a significant move to advance Wipro’s AI initiatives, the prominent Indian IT firm has appointed Brijesh Singh, a former executive from Deloitte, as the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Artificial Intelligence for Wipro Enterprise Futuring.

In an internal communication, the IT company stated that Singh’s role would involve expediting the adoption of AI across Wipro’s client base. As the worldwide leader of AI, his primary focus will be on propelling Wipro’s ai360 strategy, establishing capabilities to bolster and expedite the integration of AI throughout Wipro’s complete array of offerings, and providing clients with solutions that prioritize AI. This appointment distinctly highlights Wipro’s dedication to embedding responsible AI into all internal platforms, tools, and client solutions, as noted in the communication.

It is noteworthy that Wipro had previously revealed its commitment to investing $1 billion in artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the company introduced a dedicated AI vertical named Wipro ai360.

The communication also highlights Singh’s qualifications and extensive experience that will contribute to his new position. With a career spanning over three decades in technology consulting, the executive previously held a senior role at Deloitte, where he led initiatives related to AI and data-driven transformation. His LinkedIn profile indicates that he holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering from BIT Sindri.

In addition to the substantial investment in AI, Wipro has been actively advancing its endeavors in AI research. Just last week, the company revealed its plans to establish a Center of Excellence for AI at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Rishad Premji, the Chairman of Wipro, has been outspoken about his perspectives on AI and his belief in the significance of investing in this emerging technology. Earlier this month, he shared on Twitter, “Neglecting AI today would be akin to disregarding the mobile phone in 2007. Don’t miss out!”

In a letter directed towards stakeholders earlier this year, Premji unveiled Wipro’s progressive AI research undertakings. “Over the past two years, Wipro’s Center of Excellence for Generative AI has engaged in collaborative research with esteemed academic institutions. We have constructed accelerators, solutions, and frameworks such as WeGA (Wipro Enterprise Generative AI), cultivated expertise through the Wipro AI Academy, and successfully executed pivotal pilot initiatives for our clients,” he articulated.