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Here are the some of best places to visit in your next trip to Kurnool District. Forests, hills, waterfalls and temples are the sights that are ancient and truly amazing Places to visit in Kurnool

Kondareddy Buruju


Kondareddy Buruju is one of the four towers that make up Kandanavolu Fort. The Kondareddy fort is the only one that is still standing today, although the other three are in ruins. The area around Kondareddy Fort is known as One Town or Old Town.

Rock Gardens

Rock Gardens - todaypassion

Orvakal Rock Gardens (also known as Orvakallu) is a wonderful site with abundant natural beauty of rock formations located 23 kilometres from Kurnool. It is located 3 kilometres from Orvakal village on the Kurnool-Nandyal highway.

Belum Caves

belum caves - todaypassion

Belum Caves, the second-largest cave in the Indian Subcontinent and the longest cave in the plains, is well-known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations. Long tubes, large chambers, fresh water tunnels, and syphons can all be found in Belum Caves.

Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary

Rollapadu Wildlife - todaypassion

Rollapadu sanctuary is home to a wide range of species, including a large number of deer and black bucks. The sanctuary has also been home to foxes, jackals, bonnet macaques, jungle cats, and sloth bears.

Owk Waterfalls

owk Waterfalls - Todaypassion

Owk Reservoir, built in 1946, is a balanced reservoir made up of three smaller dams: Paleru, Gollaleru, and Thimmaraju Cheruvu. Previously, the Paleru and Thimmaraju earth dams served as reservoirs for the Owk village ayacuts of around 600 and 2000 acres, respectively.

Jagannatha Gattu
Jagannatha Gattu Hill - todaypassion

A small hill adjacent to Kurnool town. On the way from town to Nandyala, there is a road to this hill, passing G. Pullareddy Engineering College. As the Rupa Sangameshwara Temple of Sangameshwara Temples was moved here, this hill gained prominence.

Mahanandhi Temple
mahanandhi - todaypassion

Mahanandi temple was built by Chalukya Kings, and its architecture reflects the Chalukyas’ strong presence. Mahanandeeswara Swamy, in the form of Swayambu Shiva Lingam, is the temple’s presiding deity.

Yaganti Temple

Yaganti Temple - todaypassion

The Yaganti Temple is located in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district. The Shiva-dedicated temple is also known as the Sri Yaganti Uma Maheshwari Temple. The temple was constructed in accordance with Vaishnavite custom.

Sakshi Ganapathi Temple
Sakshi Ganapathi Temple-todaypassion

Sakshi Ganapathi The historical significance of the revered Srisailam is extensive and old. This hallowed area is home to numerous holy temples, ashrams, mutts, water features, and scenic beauty.

Alampur Jogulamba Temple

Alampur is regarded as Srisailam’s western entrance. Here, a magnificent temple and the remains of an earlier temple serve as examples of Badami Chalukyan architecture. A large number of South Indian dynasties governed the area.

Mantralayam Temple
Mantralayam Temple Epic Story

Mantralayam Temple Epic Story, one of Hinduism’s most revered and powerful saints, dedicated his life to his followers and committed suicide by burying himself alive (Jeeva Samadhi). According to 16th century records, he was in office from 1601 to 1671.

Nallamala Forest
Nallamala Forest

The Nallamala forest experiences a warm to hot climate all year round, with the summer months being particularly hot. The winters are often chilly and dry. The South West Monsoon is when it receives the majority of its rainfall.