Oracle’s ongoing layoffs persist as the company dismisses hundreds of employees and revokes previously extended job offers

Oracle to layoff 3,500 employees

Oracle’s health division bears the brunt of the recent wave of layoffs, with repercussions felt nearly 11 months after the company terminated employees across various departments, including some workers from India.

Oracle’s Cerner division had secured contracts with the US Department of Veterans Affairs Office to enhance and maintain electronic systems responsible for storing and managing patients’ health information. Unfortunately, the partnership came to an abrupt halt when numerous patients experienced negative consequences due to software glitches in Cerner’s systems. The layoffs in Oracle’s health division may be connected to the troubled collaboration between Cerner and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The report indicates that Oracle will provide severance packages, consisting of four weeks’ pay plus an additional week for each year of service, along with compensation for unused vacation days.

While it was expected that Oracle would reduce its workforce in both US and European offices, the exact magnitude of the affected employees remains unclear. Moreover, it is currently uncertain whether workers in India, where Oracle maintains a significant presence, will also be impacted by these layoffs.

LinkedIn became a platform for former Cerner employees and members of the health-tech community to express solidarity and offer support to those affected by the layoffs. Kathy Schoening, a former VP of professional services at Cerner, shared her empathy for her former colleagues in the Cerner/Oracle health division. In a LinkedIn post, she expressed her sadness and extended her assistance, stating, “I am saddened by the news, but I am here to help… Cerner was once a great company and it equipped you with valuable skills. Remember that and have confidence in your capabilities.”

In another LinkedIn post, Vivian Ramos, who appears to have been employed at the company for eight months, publicly disclosed her sudden departure from the organization. Commenting on Schoening’s post, she shared her experience, stating, “I am among those who were laid off today… It breaks my heart. I joined about seven months ago and received exceptional feedback and endorsements from my managers. I genuinely enjoyed my role, and I hope to discover another position that brings me the same level of fulfillment. I extend my best wishes to everyone impacted by this extensive layoff. Sending love to all.”

At the beginning of this year, Oracle implemented cost-cutting measures that included the termination of over 3,000 employees. Alongside these actions, the IT company reportedly suspended raises and promotions. During that period, numerous ex-employees turned to LinkedIn in search of new job opportunities. It is worth noting that Oracle also conducted layoffs within its India division.