Meta Layoffs: Facebook, Instagram Parent Organization to Fire Hundreds of Employees This Week to Fulfill Targets

Meta Layoffs - todaypassion

Meta, the parent company of major social media companies such as Facebook and Instagram, is contemplating another wave of layoffs in the near future. According to reports, the corporation will lay off hundreds of workers as soon as this week. In an effort to create a more efficient corporation, the world’s largest social networking giant is removing additional employees, on top of a 13% decrease in November.

According to Bloomberg, Meta has also requested directors and vice presidents to provide a list of employees who may be laid off in this current round of layoffs.

Meta laid off 11,000 people in its last wave of layoffs, marking the company’s first large layoff. According to Bloomberg News, the corporation has also been seeking to simplify its organization, offering buyout incentives to managers and eliminating whole departments it deems unnecessary, a move that is still being completed and may affect thousands of employees.

Meta recently made waves for providing employees with substandard to bad performance reports. Employees have been concerned about their future at Meta since then. Employees and employees at Meta have expressed their concerns. Many people are concerned about whether they will receive an email with their bonuses or an email announcing that they have been fired.