Deep-rooted Sanatan Dharma in the USA

Sanatan Dharma in the USA - todaypassion

Sanatan Dharma in the USA Hindu Temple of Florida was founded in December 1983. A group of dedicated persons who had made Tampa Bay their home sensed the need for a place of prayer and Sanatana dharma practice in their chosen territory. They had already started joining small groups at various residences to do the routinely conducted poojas and festivals.

They banded together, formed a non-profit company, and began raising funds for the site and, subsequently, the Temple’s construction. The current location was bought in 1989. The property came with an ancient home, which served as the first Temple “Balalaya.” Following fundraising and community interest, temple building started in 1994 and was finished in 1996, with the Maha Kumbabhishekam conducted the same year. The temple’s Indianization starts in the year 2000.

In 2006, all the deities’ Vimana gopurams including the great Raja gopuram were finished. The Temple canteen “Prasada Sadana” was established in 2000, and the current structure was finished on Shivaratri in 2013.

Sanatan Dharma in the USA - todaypassion

During the month of Ugadi in March 2015, the Temple finished the Prathishtapana of Panchamukhi Anjaneya and Saibaba. It was a great three-day Festival, with various homas and poojas linked to the dedication and kumbabhisheka of the recently constructed vimana gopuras, as well as the installation of the new murthis.
The temple’s management is now concentrating on getting the temple debt-free so that we may move on to the next stage of growth.

The Hindu Temple serves as a focal point for spreading Sanatana Dharma by conducting several religious classes for adults and Shloka classes for children. In addition, we provide language lessons, and music, art, and dance workshops to help youngsters study their faith and connect with their cultural heritage.

With the ongoing support and contributions of our devotees, we can make our temple a place of worship, wisdom, and tranquility for young and old to mingle while renewing their faith.