BLACKPINK Born Pink world tour finale Seoul 2023

BLACKPINK Born Pink world tour finale Seoul 2023

BLACKPINK is making historical strides, accomplishing successive milestones. Presently, the group is poised to take the stage at the highly esteemed Gocheok Dome.

BLACKPINK is currently in the midst of shaping history through its Born Pink Tour. The South Korean girl group boasts an impressive array of firsts and has now added yet another remarkable accomplishment to their extensive list. Comprising Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie, the group is on the brink of achieving one final milestone before concluding their year-long Born Pink world tour. Recently, BLACKPINK disclosed that the grand finale of their BORN PINK tour is scheduled to take place at the Gocheok Sky Dome, a national treasure deeply cherished by the Korean populace.

Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has been reveling in immense popularity, emerging as one of South Korea’s most triumphant acts in the pop scene. Whether it’s releasing chart-topping vibrant tracks or securing collaborations with prestigious brands, no one quite matches BLACKPINK’s prowess. The quartet also etched their name in history as the first Korean entity to headline Coachella, a milestone they described as a ‘dream come true’ moment.

After playfully keeping their BLINKS fans in suspense regarding the last destination of their tour, BLACKPINK has now revealed the venue, and it’s none other than the highly sought-after Goecheok Sky Dome situated in the heart of Seoul. This prestigious arena has previously been a stage for international artists like Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Billie Eilish. However, what sets BLACKPINK apart is that they are not just the first girl group, but also the very first Asian female act to ‘Light Up The Sky’ at this venue.

However, this isn’t the conclusion that BLINKS were hoping for. Despite the Gocheok Dome having room for 22,000 attendees, many BLINKS aren’t entirely satisfied with the choice of the final venue. Several have expressed their anticipation for something more magnificent. A few have even argued that since the concert kick-started in Seoul, YG should have concluded it in an international city, solidifying the group’s worldwide influence.

“This is really disappointing. PLEASE DON’T DO IT IN SEOUL! We’re hoping for a BP stadium concert in Brazil and South Africa. They’re the biggest girl group, yet they’re having a concert in a dome??? Why? No one wants to go there,” one user expressed.

“There’s no way they performed in stadiums all over Asia for a year, and when they’re back home, they’re in a dome?????” another user pointed out.

Nonetheless, YG has emphasized that this event will hold significance as the PINKS will be reuniting with their local fans after a year.

A source from YG was quoted by Soompi as saying, “We’ve elevated the scale to give back the love from fans and to connect with even more audiences. This is a meaningful event where BLACKPINK will come together with their domestic fans after almost a year, and they’re going to deliver their most remarkable performances.”

Regardless of the venue choice, we’re confident that BLACKPINK is going to absolutely nail their final concert ‘As If It Was Your Last,’ and BLINKS will be there as their most enthusiastic supporters.

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