Apple inaugurates the world’s second-largest Apple Store in this country

Apple inaugurates the world's second-largest Apple Store in this country - todaypassion

Apple inaugurated its second-largest store worldwide in Shanghai, opposite Jing’an Temple. Despite declining iPhone sales in China, CEO Tim Cook interacted with customers and Chinese firms during his visit. The significant aspect of this store is that it is the company’s second-largest flagship store, following its Fifth Avenue outlet in New York City

Apple has unlocked the doors of yet another Apple Store in Shanghai, China’s financial hub. In his signature style, company CEO Tim Cook inaugurated the store in front of a large crowd, walking amidst enthusiastic applause while flashing a victory sign with his fingers.

Cook warmly greeted a throng of people, including some who had lined up overnight, and engaged in conversations with several customers

The inauguration of store attracted hundreds of people, with Chinese police intervening to control the crowd, as reported by news agency Reuters. Cook was joined by Deidre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail

What holds importance about this Apple Store

Nearly every Apple Store across the globe has a ‘wow factor,’ and Shanghai’s latest store is no exception. The key aspect of this store is that it’s the company’s second-largest flagship outlet, following the one on Fifth Avenue in New York City

It’s also the biggest Apple Store in China, situated opposite Shanghai’s historic Jing’an Temple, marking Apple’s 57th store in the country and the eighth in the financial hub of China