10 helpful ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

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Google Chrome, which has more than 3.2 billion users, is the most popular web browser right now. 65% of the global market share, as well. Even though Google regularly releases updates and security fixes for its well-liked web browser, browser extensions are practical tools that could improve the Google Chrome user experience. You may get help with your everyday duties from the ten Google Chrome extensions listed below. Here are 10 ChatGPT Chrome Extensions that you may have just realized you were missing. To make things more accessible, please look at them and include them in your extension.

10 useful ChatGPT Chrome extensions

Web Chat GPT

Generative Pre-training Transformer 3 by OpenAI, sometimes referred to as Chat GPT-3, is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) tool that enables chatbots to grasp and generate natural language with previously unheard-of accuracy and fluency. It is the most significant and effective language model ever created and includes 175 billion parameters. It can process billions of words per second.

For Chat GPT-3, a deep neural network is trained beforehand on a big text dataset and then tweaked for different tasks like question-answering or text production. The web is made up of several interconnected layers, or “transformer blocks,” which analyze the input text and provide a prediction.

The capacity of Chat GPT-3 to comprehend the conversational context and produce suitable replies is one of its primary characteristics. This is enabled via self-attention mechanisms, which enable the networkability to assess the significance of individual words and phrases in the incoming text based on their relevance to the job.


Predict 2023 with Praline AI

Choose from a few questions, then impress your audience with your best predictions for the coming year. Instead of a roaring pandemic, trend forecasters predict that 2019 will see an increase in family meals, fermented foods, and soufflĂ© pancakes. The world, on the other hand, found a way to shift direction, expand, and flourish, while the restaurant industry fought tooth and nail. We’ve seen a frenzy of restaurant openings, creative culinary start-ups, and unique collaborations this year. These gatherings were inspired by a sentiment of gratitude for the ability to gather in bars and restaurants.


ChatGPT Writer

Email creation tool for Gmail. Free and private Chrome plugin that uses ChatGPT AI to generate unique emails or responses based on a limited list of keywords you give. Gmail is tightly integrated for the best user experience. Outlook and LinkedIn will be available soon.

Microsoft, Reid Hoffman’s charitable organization, and Khosla Ventures have all made investments in the San Francisco-based AI company OpenAI. The technology is owned by the corporation that released the text-to-image generator Dall-E to the public. The company’s public face is co-founder Sam Altman.

ChatGPT, like the other OpenAI products, has grown in popularity as a result of the massive number of signups. Many of the ChatGPT comments on my Twitter feed border on the supernatural.

Before it, chatbots were subpar, with a few sometimes useful replies. That has changed. If you are not cautious, ChatGPT may deliver the following commercial content to you. The technique is based on a variant of GPT-3 known in the industry as “GPT-3.5.”


Connect your ChatGPT with your Whatsapp

A WhatsApp chatbot is a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence or pre-programmed algorithms to engage with your customers on the WhatsApp network.

Engati’s WhatsApp chatbots leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and our specialized NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine to engage intelligently with your customers. You may use them to reply to consumer inquiries about your goods and services, exchange information, promote specials, and send notifications about orders, payments, shipments, and other things.

WhatsApp business chatbots utilize the WhatsApp Business API to connect intelligently with your clients, workers, students, and other users without requiring human involvement.


Search GPT Shortcut

It can be challenging to find a certain item on a long or intricate website, much like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, an in-page search can be performed fast using a simple keyboard press. When you use the Search GPT Shortcut, the ChatGPT response will display alongside the Google search results.


YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

The free Chrome Extension YouTube Summarizer with ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI technology, provides a summary of the YouTube videos you’re presently watching. Use this plugin to learn more quickly and save time.

Grasp is a social highlighter that allows users to share their learning, locate annotated information from others with similar interests, and annotate and organize web-based quotations and ideas all in one place. The clasp is an acronym that stands for Greatest Accumulated Shared Proof.

In June 2021, the Glass team began development on a platform to make it easier for everyone to access the skills and expertise of others. Glasp’s ultimate goal is to offer quick and easy access to all information from the world’s highlighted locations.

With the Glasp browser plugin, you may highlight the original page in one of four colors.



ChatGPT allows you to tweet, react, remark, and so on. It allows you to capture any public Twitter user’s basic information in MS Excel format, including followers, tweets, retweets, likes, and responses. Yet to be liberated.


ChatGPT for Search Engines

With this addon, you can navigate anywhere. Everyone is welcome to use the extension, including students, stay-at-home parents, developers, designers, and content providers. It addresses your queries in a surprising amount of detail, covering anything from coding issues to making prom proposals.



You use it to write articles, tweets, and so on. It works everywhere you can type. Is it possible to take images using ChatGPT? In any case, it can now!


ChatGPT History

The “ChatGPT History” plugin has you covered! Any prompt type can be preserved. You may even publish them on a public URL for anyone to see! Go here to save your ChatGPT prompts.