Making India: Samsung TV plant in India by December

Samsung TV Plant In India

Samsung India has announced that it will launch TV products (manufacturing) in India by December this year as part of Make in India. Until then, however, it has asked the central government to allow the import of TV sets. With the upcoming Dussehra and Diwali festival season. It is necessary to import TV sets so as not to damage the business continuity. Samsung India has written a letter to Union IT & Electronics Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to this effect.

In their letter, Samsung said that in order to start TV manufacturing in the country, their business now needs to run smoothly. Restrictions on imports are against the Ease of Doing Business. Samsung India has also written to the Prime Minister’s Office and the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, the company said in a statement. No response has been received from the Center so far.

In July this year, the Center imposed restrictions on the import of TV sets. Increasing the number of manufacturing units in the country. This decision was taken with the intention of reducing imports on China. This means that companies wishing to import TV sets must obtain licenses from the center. In this context, Samsung wrote a letter to the India Center seeking permission to import TV sets.

Samsung used to have a television manufacturing plant in Chennai. However, Samsung closed its Chennai plant in 2018 as the cost of manufacturing TVs increased due to the burden of import tariffs. It said it was likely to reopen the plant in the future. It clarified that if a manufacturing unit is set up in India, there will be no need to depend on another country for imports.

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