Ultimate DC Pizza Spots for a Legit Slice

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Sure, DC might not have a method of pizza to call its own perse, but that just means it gets the simplest of everywhere else. And isn’t that the foremost democratic thanks to enjoy pizza anyway? What that also means is pizza lovers can afford to be picky when it involves their preferred pie. Those looking for stacked garnishes may be inclined toward Timber, while the individuals who need their hull meager and fresh could pick Menomale, or, on the off chance Conte says that holy grail dough is something he and his crew are continually chasing, and he is aware that the mark has been hit while the crust turns out “light, airy, and with only a little bit of crisp.” It’s this every day pursuit of perfection that has Conte making each batch of dough himself, rolling out each every dough ball.

When it comes to toppings, though, he’s somewhat of a minimalist – within reason. When you strip away the flamboyant meats and therefore the truffle oil and the globs of ricotta, he says, the truth test of quality arrives. No longer ready to hide behind niceties, the bare bones of the pizza are then revealed to the customer: dough, sauce, cheese, maybe a touch of basil here and there.

It’s basically just what it’s alleged to be,” says Conte. “Show us who you are. The dough goes to inform me who you are, and if I get that and fall in love with it then that’s a homerun.” The different tremendous thing about a simple, delicious pizza – it’s still going to taste pretty good even if you have to warm it back up. Regardless of whether you’re looking for your next at-home solace pie or a more tasteful date detect, these are our number one pizza joints all through the DMV, guaranteeing your next extraordinary cut is never too far away.


Sonny’s Pizza is all approximately the vibe – with benches reclaimed from bowling alleys and tables constructed from repurposed bleachers. Munch on slices or an entire pie of their granny-style pizza called at the rear “pizza garden” and confirm to see out a number of its other offerings, including chicken, garlic knots, meatballs, Caesar salads, and eggplant parms.

Timber Pizza Company

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Since Timber hit the Pet worth scene in 2016, it’s been making quite the splash, and permanently reason. An easygoing air total with mutual tables and growlers of neighborhood brew make Timber a mainstream nearby spot. Here, you’ll order your pizza “half-and-half,” so you’ll nevermore need to decide between your two favorites. People move loopy for the Green Monster pie, teeming with sparkling mozzarella, zucchini, and kale.


Though it hardly needs an introduction, 2Amys is one among DC’s longest standing favorites, and one among the founding members of the Neapolitan renaissance within the District. The margherita is the baseline against which all Neapolitan pies in DC are judged, but a good range of other concoctions, arancini, and a powerful Italian wine list have helped 2Amys.


&PIZZA todaypassion

&pizza opened its DC flagship on H Street in 2012, Washingtonians haven’t been able to get enough of the speedy, rectangular, customizable pies. One area that keeps on remaining totally pressed during that time and night, particularly on ends of the week, is the shop on U Street. With hits like the meat-pressed Maverick, the veggie lover Moonstruck (canvassed in mushroom truffle sauce and goat cheddar), and even a hot nectar sprinkled pie called the American Honey, there’s something for everyone.

Mellow Mushroom


This Atlanta-based pizza chain is all about maintaining the mellow vibes. Vegetarians and vegans also will have plenty to settle on from there’s even an excellent gluten-free dough option.

Bacio Pizzeria

The tiny neighborhood of Bloomingdale has gotten some serious love lately, probably thanks to its surprisingly vast array of culinary options, bars, and parks. Bacio utterly exemplifies the charm of the neighborhood with its rustic-modern feel, dog-friendly terrace, and make-your-own pizza pie choices.

Comet Ping Pong


There are a couple of motivations to make an outing to Northwest DC’s Wakefield neighborhood – specifically Politics & Prose, Little Red Fox, and Comet Ping Pong, all of which you can find on an equivalent stretch of Connecticut Avenue. Comet once faced some drama because of the infamous Pizzagate scandal, but that doesn’t negate the very fact that its pizza is delicious. So are the wings. Comet may be a unique spot because you’ll actually play Ping-Pong, and there’s a daily cadence of bands performing in its warehouse-chic back room.

Pete’s New Haven Style APizza

Those nostalgic for New England-style pizza can wind up at home at Pete’s. New Haven-style pies are gradually making strides in DC, and Pete’s is that leader: fabricating the enormous, slim, fresh coverings with a solid roast of its local somebody. Obviously, Pete’s couldn’t guarantee its New Haven family without the essential white shellfish pie: new mollusks, garlic, olive oil, and Romano.


Stellina Pizzeria is the brainchild of longtime buddies and local Italians Antonio Matarazzo and chef Matteo Venini. Other than their pies, their basic menu gestures to the road food of the southern Italian coast with a determination of seared fish and veggies served in paper cones called cuoppo.

MENOMALE pizza today passion

The lesser-known neighborhood of Brookland houses one among the city’s hidden gems. Menomale serves one among the simplest pies in town. Each chomp of each pie tastes new and delightful to the most noteworthy request. The dough is fired to the best nation of a skinny crisp shell with a mouthwateringly moist and chewy indoors. The margherita is impeccable, and the Chef’s Special is not only an optimal balance of flavors and textures with its layered arugula, prosciutto, and Grana Padano — probably the prettiest pie you’re probably going to actually eat.

Pizzeria Paradiso

Paradiso has been around for quite 20 years and has expanded to 5 locations. The first being its quality Neapolitan-style pies, just like the ever popular Atomica — spicy salami, pepper flakes, and sweet pickled olives crafting a potent mixture of sweet and warmth . The second is that Paradiso is additionally a killer beer bar, with dozens of crafts from around the world to settle on from. Delicious pizza. Delicious beer. Name a better combo.

Pi Pizzeria

Even though Pi is understood for his or her cornmeal deep-dish pizza, they even have unique specialty pies which feature items like the Cubano with slow-cooked pork shoulder, country ham, kosher pickle, swiss, and yellow mustard. The St.Louis-based chain originally picked up reputation after Barack Obama as far as anyone knows guaranteed Pi as his #1 pizza place. The fixings are sourced locally, and they guarantee to have assembled their image upon the guarantee of limiting its carbon impression through manageable buys and practices.

All-Purpose Pizzeria

Italian-American diner All-Purpose opened to stunning surveys and in a flash clamoring business inside the spring of 2016.With pizza motivated by both Rome and New Jersey, it’s known for raw outside layers and heavenly garlic hitches. Other offerings embody house-made delicatessen, a large choice of hot and cold antipasti, and afters from neighboring bakehouse, Buttercream.

Wiseguy Pizza

Who says it’s difficult to get a decent NY cut in DC? Wiseguy is demonstrating that you don’t need to go up 95 for that ideal messy cut. Here, slices are handmade from scratch, sizable, thin, crispy, and topped with a mess of fresh ingredients.

Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana

Fiery blaze has whenever been portrayed as “objective pizza,” and we can’t concur more. Every pizza batter is affectionately extended and formed by gourmet expert Tony Conte, a Jean-Georges alum, before getting signed flawlessly. Ingredients are sourced locally and therefore the small menu is usually rotating counting on what’s fresh and in season, so pizza lovers should check back regularly

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