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Malayalam dubbed movies are being released on a weekly basis in the ‘Aha’ app. Films that have been very successful in Malayalam are being dubbed by Eri and they are gaining popularity here. Especially for the Telugu people who are bored with regular stories, different stories are being introduced with these Malayalam movies Aha, who came up with the movie Jallikattu, recently released in Malayalam last year and entertained the audience there by dubbing and releasing the movie ‘Android Kunjappan version 5.25’ in Telugu with the title ‘Android Kattappa’.

Let’s see in the review whether this robot has anything to do with Shankar Robo.

Story line:

Bhaskara Rao (Suraj Venjaramoodu), a communist and upper caste man, continues to grow old after the death of his wife. He is accompanied by his son Subramaniam (Saubin Shahir) who studied engineering. In order to go abroad for his career, he arranges a maid for his father and leaves for Russia. The maid who can’t stand his father’s chastity leaves. In this sequence a robot called Kattappa is brought from Russia for the father.

How did Bhaskara Rao’s life journey go with the construction of the robot? Did the robot endure Bhaskara’s chastity? How did Bhaskara Rao form an inseparable bond with Robo Kattappa? Why did Subramaniam see to it that his son Robo Kattappa was separated from Bhaskara Rao? The Android Kattappa version 2.25 movie story is the answer to the question of how Bhaskara Rao got into a situation where he could not leave the robot.

What kind of suffering in the last issue regarding the lives of the elderly in society. There has been a debate for many years about how loneliness hurts when a wife and children are away. Director Ratheesh Balakrishnan has brilliantly shot human relationships and bonds to such an emotional point. A man who does not love human beings .. How can he see a robot in any emotions better than life makes the audience emotional in this movie. In the first half of the film, the director designed Bhaskara Rao’s feelings, habits and behavior to be irritating. But in the second sense the story goes to another level by touching on the point that even such a man has a great loving heart.

The way director Ratheesh Balakrishnan weaves the story around the robot in the second half is impressive. The story of this movie which seems to be like a snail walking in the first half .. When it comes to the second half, the speed increases emotionally. A feel-good factor begins in the audience as there are immersive elements in the story. The director managed to capture the scenes in the climax to touch the heart of the audience. Some of the scenes in the climax of the film are heart touching. Father-son relationships and the love story of Bhaskara Rao’s youth also continue to feel good.

Suraj Venjaramoodu played the role of old Bhaskara Rao. He managed to put on an emotional performance that could not be expressed in words. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Malayalam actor Saubin played the role of the son. Acted as a computer software expert who specializes in robot technology. Impressed with his performance as a son who fights for his father. The father acted wonderfully in some of the scenes associated with the character.

Suraj Telakadu plays the role of a robot. Impressed in that role in a way that makes the robot forget. The main attraction of this film is the role of the robot. It is sure to impress the audience. Subramaniam’s girlfriend in Russia is played by Arunachal Pradesh actress Candy Girdo. In this movie, Candy Girdo is seen in the role of Hitomi, a young Chinese woman. The father is from Andhra Pradesh and the mother is Chinese. It also feels apt to speak in Telugu with the character for ease in the story. The rest of the characters are also impressive.

When it comes to the performance of the technical sections .. Sanu Varghese captured the scenes in the most natural environment to suit the emotional story and the cinematic backdrop. The cinematography is a major attraction of this film. The music provided by Bijibal brought some scenes to life. The scenes shot in Russia are impressive.

When it comes to Android Kattappa movie. without any fuss or arbitrariness .. it can be said that it is a movie that only reflects human bonds and relationships. There is no need for a man with life to love .. The story goes on with the main point that it does not matter if it is a man who loves to touch the heart. The director foresaw how life would be with robots in the age of technology. Lack of Telugu Nativity and unfamiliar cast turned out to be somewhat negative but the story corrected them. The film manages to entertain in addition to inform.

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